All Bets "on"

Cards and Cigars: a combination that can't be beat. But why not take the weekly game out of the garage and into Grand River? Enjoy poker, cribbage, pinocle and every other card game under the sun while partaking in cigars. Grand River's rich wooden tables help create a throwback vibe that compliments any game.

Date Night

Our location right in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids makes it the perfect stop for a date night. Come in before a meal, or after a performance to treat yourselves to cigars. Our classic decor, with its hardwood floors, exposed brick walls and low-level lighting, helps set the mood for an evening that mixes the best of old-time elegance with modern sensibilities.

Be Social

Rob, Tina and Charlie want to make sure every Grand River guest has a great time. They started the business because they wanted to create a vibrant, welcoming place for people to gather and enjoy each other's company (and fine cigars). Each one values their relationships with their customers, and it shows in their attention to detail and dedication to service. They believed that Grand Rapids needed a place like Grand River Cigar, where people could enjoy a cigar, relax and meet other people in a comfortable setting. So they made it happen.

The Big Game

Whether it's Game 7 of the World Series or hour seven of election results coverage, we're the place to watch what's going on. Get out of the house and enjoy the game on our big-screen TVs while relaxing on one of our comfortable leather couches. We've created the ideal location to enjoy a fine cigar, gather with friends and experience the events you care about in relaxed luxury.


Cigars are the cornerstone of our business, and once you step into our massive walk-in humidor, you’ll see that we take our business seriously. With over 150 different varieties on hand at any given time, you’ll never have to smoke the same stogie twice. And any kind we may not have, we’ll be happy to order. Check back often for new additions, or rent an environmentally-controlled and humidified cigar locker to ensure your favorite kind is there every time.

Be Yourself

Grand River Cigar is a great place to mingle with friends, but it’s an even better place to meet new people. Our warm, inviting atmosphere lends itself to good conversation; you already know you both like cigars, so just imagine what else you might have in common. We see ourselves as a social club where the only rule is “be yourself.”